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Presentation of ISTIC

The Higher Institute of Translation, Interpretation and Communication (ISTIC) of Yaounde was born in November 2006 from the will of 12 professionals, translators and conference interpreters, all graduates of the Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT) of the University of Sorbonne Paris III in France (class of 1992-1997), who joined forces to create another school in Cameroon to train translators, conference interpreters and specialists in linguistic engineering.

ISTIC started its courses in January 2007 under the supervision of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. An accreditation file was then submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education. After a first inspection, the authorization of creation was delivered in November 2008. A mission of experts from the Ministry of Higher Education inspected ISTIC’s infrastructures and programs in August 2009. Following this inspection, another team of experts from the University of Buea also inspected the infrastructure and programs of ISTIC in May 2009. At the end of these conclusive inspections, the University of Buea and the ISTIC of Yaounde signed an agreement of academic supervision on November 24, 2009, agreement initialed and approved by the Minister of Higher Education on February 12, 2010. At the end of this convention, under the academic supervision of the University of Buea, and more specifically of ASTI, its school of translators-interpreters, ISTIC Yaounde offers the following training courses:

The program of Trilingual Bachelor’s Degree Applied to Translation (English and French languages A and B), Spanish, German, Chinese, French Sign Language and American Sign Language in C language.
The Master’s program in Translation (French-English), Spanish and Sign Language;
Master’s degree program in Conference Interpretation (English-French).

ISTIC has diversified the training offer in translation and conference interpretation in Cameroon by introducing for example interpretation courses in courts of law, live or deferred interpretation courses for television, subtitling, dubbing, localization and translation project management courses, etc.. To this end, Yaounde, the capital city, is the place par excellence for linguistic profusion and international meetings. It is the city of conferences, business meetings, diplomatic gatherings, and is home to the majority of translators and interpreters. These professionals, together with university professors, constitute a dream faculty for professionalization, research and application.

Such an abundance of skills means that our students are taken on internships in public, para-public and private structures where they are supervised by professionals, and their Master’s theses are co-directed by professionals and academics.

At the Higher Institute of Translation, Interpretation and Communication (ISTIC)

you will learn to handle the two official languages of Cameroon in a professional manner. To these two languages can be added a third one, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic or sign language.
You will understand and analyze the impact of culture, history and politics on linguistic usage.
You will receive professional training in translation, terminology and be up-to-date on new technologies applied to translation.
You will become a professional while exercising your creativity and will have access to a variety of practical training courses.
you will have no difficulty in finding a job at the end of your studies and will eventually be able to practice your profession anywhere in the world, especially in African regional organizations or in prestigious international organizations: UN, AU, ICTR, World Bank, FAO, IMF, etc.

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