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message from the Director

When you love languages, translating is both a creative and lucrative professional activity. In Cameroon, translation is omnipresent. There are innumerable opportunities in this field: international organizations, banks, insurance companies, oil companies, accounting and computer firms, law firms, NGOs, not to mention the audiovisual, advertising, journalism, the academic world and, of course, literature.

At the ISTIC of Yaounde, a bilingual institution, courses and exams are held in English and French, resulting in constant interaction between the two official languages of Cameroon. The proximity of Cameroon’s central government institutions facilitates access to the professional world during studies (internships), but also the search for a job after studies.

If you love languages and all that they can accomplish in an increasingly interconnected world, ISTIC is the place. In a pleasant, extremely professional and learning-friendly atmosphere, you will meet experienced teachers whose work has gained an international reputation. You will also meet a number of practicing translators who participate in the teaching and will share their experience with you.

Do you like languages? Do you like translation? Literature? Interpretation in all its forms? Come, ISTIC is the school that will help you turn your passion into a profession!

We look forward to welcoming you!

Pr. Charles SOH

Director of ISTIC

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