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B.A. in African studies

Level I

Semester 1

Compulsory education

EAT 101 Introduction to General Linguistics

EAT 103 Introduction to Phonetics and VCLT

EAT 111 Introduction to African Literature

EAT 113 Introduction to Oral Literature

EAT 131Theory and Practice of Translation 1

EAT 133 African languages vs. colonial languages1

EAT 151 Bilingual French/English training

Optional courses

EAT 153 3rd language (Spanish, German, Chinese, sign language)

EAT 155 Performing Arts

EAT 157 International Relations

Semester 2

Compulsory education

EAT 202 Introduction to Applied Linguistics

EAT 204 Introduction to Structural Phonology

EAT 222 Introduction to General Anthropology

EAT 224 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

EAT 226 Introduction to African Civilizations (Egyptology and Others)

EAT 242 Linguistic Diversity and Geographical Distribution of Languages in Cameroon

EAT 244 Translation Theory and Practice 2

EAT 246 African languages vs. colonial languages 2

Level II

Semester 3

Compulsory education

EAT 301 Sociolinguistics

EAT 303 Morphology of African Languages

EAT 311 Literature/Cameroonian/African 1

EAT 331 Editorial Translation (English-French, French-English) 1

EAT 333 Translation and Colonization

EAT 351 Bilingual French/English Training

Optional courses

EAT 353 3rd language (Spanish, German, Chinese, sign language)

EAT 355 Performing Arts

EAT 357 International Relations

Semester 4

Compulsory education

EAT 402 Psycholinguistics

EAT 404 Spelling of African Languages

EAT 406 Introduction to Pragmatics

EAT 422 Editorial Translation (English-French, French-English) 2

EAT 424 Specialized Translation (English-French, French-English)

EAT 442 African/Cameroonian Cultural Anthropology

EAT 444 Aspects of Culture in Specific African/Cameroonian Languages (Life Cycle Events and Ceremonies)

EAT 446 African Thought

Level III

Semester 5

Compulsory education

EAT 501Cameroonian Language Writing System

EAT 503 Women’s Literature

EAT 505 Cameroonian/African Literature 2

EAT 511 Literary Translation 1 (novel and theater)

EAT 513 Audio-visual translation 1 (subtitling)

EAT 531 Economic, financial and banking translation

EAT 533 Advertising translation and adaptation 1

EAT 551 Bilingual Training French/English

Optional courses

EAT 553 3rd language (Spanish, German, Chinese, sign language)

EAT 555 Performing Arts

EAT 557 International Relations

Semester 6

Compulsory education

EAT 602 African/Cameroonian Literature 3

EAT 604 Literary Creativity in Specific African Languages

EAT 622 Advertising translation and adaptation 2

EAT 624 Legal translation

EAT 626 Technical translation

EAT 642 Literary Translation 2 (poetry)

EAT 644 Audio-visual translation 2 (dubbing)

EAT 646 Introduction to Computer-Assisted Translation

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