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BA in Anglophone Studies and Translation

Duration of studies: 3years (6 semesters), 180 credits.

Objectives of the program

This program aims at:

  • Transmitting a set of knowledge on the anglophone world (English and anglophone languages et literatures, English and Anglophone cultures, linguistics) ;
  • Transmitting knowledge and abilities in translation.

 Career opportunities

Possible career in teaching (Anglophone literatures and cultures), cultural industries, translation; in the structures of the Commonwealth.

 Admission requirements

Candidates must be holders of Baccalauréat, GCE A Level or an equivalent diploma.

Methods of teaching and evaluation

Courses are divided into two main blocks:

– Compulsory courses make up for about ¾ of time program and ¾ of credits;

– Elective courses for about ¼ of time program and total credits.

Methods of assessment:

– Continuous assessments;

-Written and oral examination;

– Presentation of practice report;

– End of semester examination.

Graduation requirements

The degree is awarded when a student has earned a total of 180 credits.

A student must obtain a mark ranging between 55 to 100% to pass a course. A passed course means that the credits allotted to that course have been earned.

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